Quality, service and knowing our clients

Daigle & Associates LLP is committed to quality, service and knowing our clients. By developing relationships and understanding our client’s objectives, we are truly in a position to be an effective advisor to our clients. We take a proactive approach to tax management and client service. We encourage regular discussions with our clients about decisions in their lives and/or businesses.

Our commitment to best practices, meeting deadlines and 100% client satisfaction makes us an integral member of our client’s advisory team. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to clients whether by telephone, email or fax. We keep our clients apprised of their project status and set clear and specific expectations.

For our affluent families,  we like to engage them in discussions regarding estate planning, risk management, financial planning, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning and college tuition planning. We are educated in these disciplines and will work with a client and their advisors to achieve desired goals in the most comprehensive way.

For all of our clients we work as a referral network. By understanding our client’s objectives and needs we are able to connect clients with clients, or other professionals, to expand their networks or simply provide qualified advisor referrals… often times both.

DAIGLE began offering tax and business advisory services in 2004. We use the latest technological advances to create efficiencies with our processes. We manage this through a paperless environment by offering an organized and educational approach to tax management.

We want our clients to have a clear and continuous understanding of their tax position, and we accomplish this with regular communication. We encourage face to face meetings, Zoom, telephone calls and/ or emails. Whatever the preferred medium for communication, we believe this is the most effective way for our clients to achieve their tax goals.